‚Äč10 MAY 2014

Anti-virus is dead,because main objective of having an Anti-virus product is to prevent hacker from getting into a computer.However,this days hackers often get in even with an installed Anti-virus program.Thereafter instead of fighting hackers entry into systems un successfull ,it makes sense to use security software tools that helps to spot them and minimize the damage.then approach of detect and respond is better than protect using some security software tool.Checking computer for some security misconfiguration helps prevent hackers attacks.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer(MBSA) is one among the security software tool which is released by Microsoft .It determine security state by assessing missing security updates and less-secure security setting(often called vulnerability assessment(VA)) within microsoft windows,windows components etc.MBSA is a free security software tool available in Microsoft security website.

Use of Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer(MBSA) helps to check computer for security misconfigurations and then update with missing configuration.Procedure for using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer(MBSA) is as -

1.Open Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer(MBSA) and then perform task of Scanning either Single computer or Multiple Computer using IP address.

2.Select the computer which You want to Scan and enable the options which You are want scan from options.

3.MBSA Starts Scanning and downloads security updates from Microsoft.

4.Detail reports are generated for either Single computer or multiple computers .

Analyze the report and update with  missing configuration to protect from hacker attack.Anti-Hacking solution of detect and respond helps to protect your PC without Anti-Virus.